Prediksi, Copenhagen Vs Real Madrid Liga Champions 11 Desember 2013


entered the last game in the group stage penyishan , Champions League participants seemed more enthusiastic and passionate to compete immediately . Therefore , most of the participating teams of the Champions League this season was not guaranteed a ticket to the last 16 and have to pass through the game of life and death in the final round of group penyishan . Inevitably , fierce matches will be the main dish that you should not miss in the last match Champions League group stage penytisihan this time .

Prediksi, Copenhagen Vs Real Madrid Liga Champions 11 Desember 2013

we will make a brief review as well as an accurate prediction of the final game of the group stage of the Champions League only between two teams of different strengths , Copenhagen contra Real Madrid . Great game which is certainly highly awaited will be held in Copenhagen headquarters on December 11, 2013 early morning hrs . on paper , which has a Real Madrid game statistics as well as a more capable squad clearly favored to win . In addition , Carlo Ancelotti's team also chalked neat notes when meeting Copenhagen in the first leg .

As is known , the first leg between the two teams , Real Madrid beat Copenhagen success with a convincing score , 4-0 . Inevitably , such a victory would be the most valuable capital for the Real Madrid camp to carve a victory in this match . However , defeating Copenhagen at home is not easy . For the record , in his last home match , Copenhagen able to defeat Galatasaray with a thin score , 1-0 . Therefore , Copenhagen is not a team that should be taken lightly and should be aware of Madrid .

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